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January 02, 2014



Thank you Linda for your lovely comment. Isn't it exciting to be moving into a new home. I love to putter in mine and decorate it I do. Where is your new home going to be? I would love to live in and old house in the country.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Linda Cole (Style Whiz)

i find your blog truly inspirational.

I am moving out of the city to a new life in a small town which is something i have been wanting to do for some time.

The new house is a blank canvas and I am so excited about decorating it just the way I want. I think this is why your blog struck such a chord with me as I can see how much you love your home and the heart that is there really shows.

For many reasons this new home is also a brand new beginning so I can't wait to get a paint brush in my hand and arrange all those new vases.. etc I have been collecting from charity shops and store sales for the past year.

I wish you happiness and an inspiring 2014.
Linda Cole

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