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April 25, 2012



I love this article, I wish I would have thought about this outdoor herb garden kit a long time ago. This will be my first season ever trying one. I've been doing as much reading and research on it as I possibly can, I guess we'll see how it goes!

Adt Alarm System

Some herbs were given magical properties, probably because of their medicinal uses. The early Chinese considered artemisia to have special charms. In France during the Middle Ages, babies were rubbed with artemisia juices to protect them from the cold. Ancient Greeks used sweet marjoram as a valuable tonic, and parsley as a cure for stomach ailments. Rosemary was eaten in the Middle Ages for its tranquilizing effects and as a cure-all for headaches.


actually we do have coyotes, hear of small animals getting nabbed all the time...My squirrel chasing Jack I worry about, would love to see your garden I've been slowing developing my green thumb the last few years.

Thanks Shelly I think it is a perfect spot...lets see if it has enough light there...see you in June..

shelley e

Love you herb garden! And it is perfect right by your kitchen! :)

Becky Martinez Roberts

I don't have chickens but I have friends who do. You have to watch out for predators such as coyotes and eagles (do you have those in Whittier)? They are worse than dogs. Hounds are worse then most around chickens. As long as they are secure in the coop they should be ok. Most people let there chickens roam around when they are outside but they do poop all over the place.

You can also feed your chickens your left over fruit and vegi's, they love that kind of stuff.

We grow a huge garden every year, I'll have to post pictures this year. That is the beauty of living on almost an acre in the country. I am a misplaced city girl who has found herself in a rural enviroment. Who would have thought?

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