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November 25, 2011


Gabrielle Mader

Hi Shawnna,

Thanks for the encouragement but actually even though it was a mess that was the best turkey we ever had, my brother encouraged me to do it, he was always the better cook in the family. But since then we go to my husband's side of the family for dinner so I just have to be responsible for the side dishes.

glad you came by and left a comment.

Shawnna Thomas-EL

I know this happened to you a few years back, but I just came across your blog and I felt sooo bad for you. Too horrible, but hilarious at the same time. I wanted to encourage you try brining ONE MORE AGAIN (after you've had your morning cup of course!) because it is worth the effort and doesn't have to be messy. I brined for the first time 2 years ago and I too was hypnotized by the Williams Sonoma brine. The one thing that I did differently was that I skipped purchasing specific brining bags. I traipsed to the Dollar store and bought UNSCENTED, white trash can liners (I'm sure you don't want the lemony chemical that is inside the scented ones on your turkey...yuck!). I trippled them up, and put it and the turkey inside the largest stock pot that I own. Carefully pour in the brine and tie the top of the bag in the tightest know possible. Do this fairly close to the top of the bag. When it was time to rotate the bird around, I put the whole bag inside the pan I was going to use to roast. It is very large, and square. Did not even have to open the bag because I had left so much space in the bag that I was able to maneuver it around in the bag until it was in the opposite direction and put it back in the pot to continue brining. This worked like a champ and I will be doing it again this year. That turkey was the BEST I ever had, and I loved it because I didn't have spend time slathering it with spices and butter under the skin. Please let me know if you decide to do it again, how it turns out. Good luck!

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