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December 10, 2010


Jason the Floor Pro

Never give up on your dream home perhaps one day you will get it if its ment to be, thanks for all the post and the pictures it really help to see a view everythig you were explaining
Jason the floor pro


Thanks Mother Kitty for all your support. I love the house so very much. We decided to put in a bid but they had already submitted the offers so our will be a "backup"...but you never know what could happen. We did put another bid on another house not as "special" as this house but I'm sure we could fix it up real nice....

Mother Kitty

The upstairs is as lovely as the downstairs. The details in the house are really quite remarkable. I love the built-ins in Madison's room. Like you, I'm not a fan of plastic, but the chandelier looks nice. You could always replace the "crystals" with the real deal someday.

Like I mentioned before, there's always the chance the house's price may be sufficiently reduced, making it possible for you to buy it, so don't give up just yet. I could see you living here. I'm rooting for you. ;-)

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