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December 07, 2010


Richard Boles

It is truly something! Its old architecture is pretty cool, especially the roofing design. And the front door is also pretty inviting. All it needs is a little magical touch to make it an astonishing one.


I agree with Kitty! You have some good karma headed your way (and someone has some bad karma headed his way, Grrr!!). Lots of places are having the prices reduced nowadays. You will end up in the perfect house for you; I just know it. Fingers crossed for you!! This place is gorgeous!! Still missing you!!


Oh, Ellie. I hate that there are unscrupulous real estate agents out there. I do hope there is such a thing as karma out there for people like that, and because you have all sorts of good karma headed your way. I agree with Kitty. Lots of places are having the price reduced nowadays. Remember the place we used to live in? I called and enquired on the selling price. The agent told me the asking price, but said they would probably take a number that was about $12,000 less! So you never know. My fingers are crossed too. I just know you will eventually end up in the perfect house for you. Still missing you!

Mother Kitty

Absolutely lovely! Listen, don't give up on this one just yet. I don't want to get your hopes up too high, but there's always a chance that the price will be reduced eventually. Let's try to think positive, shall we? I will say a little prayer and keep my fingers crossed for good measure. ;-)

Sandy B

Gorgeous, darling! I can understand why you're in love with it! Can't wait to see upstairs.

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