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December 03, 2010



I'm sorry you didn't get your house. But you know, something better will turn up!


Thanks so much Mother Kitty..I was very deflated when I heard and it was not so much that we lost the bid it was that they, the other real estate agent, Kellier Williams said, We were the only bid sumitting to the bank and then they came back saying we were the better of the two bids..well IF we were the better...then How come we lost it? Just hate being deceived...that's why it was a hard lesson. Thanks for your support.

Mother Kitty

I'm so sorry you didn't get the house. You really had your heart set on it. Don't despair. This simply isn't the time or perhaps not the house meant to be yours. I'm thinking there is something else just around the corner, so to speak, that is waiting for you. I have found that to be the case in my life, and believe it is often the same with others. So, keep your eyes, mind, and heart open. Let us know what turns up.

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