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October 26, 2010


Armandina Skerl

Checking out the houses in the neighborhood, would give you an idea of what to buy. You'll also get an inspiration how to design your new home. The 8th photo is my favorite because of its roof and brick facade, it reminded me of the Little House in the Prairie.

Armandina Skerl

After checking 70 homes, thank goodness you've found the right one! I bet this looks fabulous now. The shaded patio is a real charm and you can enjoy barbeque in a lovely afternoon. What did you replace with the avocado counter top?


Hi Barrett...We bought in this neighborhood and our house that we bought is down the street from that yellow was never for sale...but I love a yellow house and ours is "the ugly house in the hood" according to my daughter and her classmate. They say it looks like mint choc chip ice cream. We eventually will paint the house...and I always lean towards yellow.....Wishing you too luck on your house hunt...

Barrett Clepper

I like the 4th house better 'coz it looks bright and sunny! But among these 10 houses, which one did you pick? I also love house-hunting with the entire family. We are going to hunt for a new house again next week! Wish us luck!


Hi Cristina and Manuela. Yes we are really trying to stay in our area to keep the girls in their school district.

Thanks Manuela...We had a blast at Snickers party...she was so "over the moon" with all her doggie friends. I'm so excited to see what you guys buy and how you'll fix it up. Well...I don't like new construction..and you have that huge yard...what a plus.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

You are busy! Happy house hunting - I love looking at houses. We're not to that point yet. Still trying to tackle some last projects to make our house competitive with the new construction that's around us.

Snicker's bday party is just tooo cute!



Are you looking to stay in Whittier? I noticed a few sale signs up in our neighborhood. One has been for sale for a number of months by owner, now a new sign went up. The other house is two street over from me. :-)

Biggest intersection is La Mirada & Imperial. We're behind the southern end of Creek Park.

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