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October 01, 2010



Love it!! Sophia would be so jealous!! She has been looking for an antique vanity, but they usually cost an arm and a leg and just aren't in the budget. You are my inspiration! I am terrified of refinishing furniture.

Rita @

Sooo Romantic!


Love what you did with the little vanity. Free treasures are the best, especially once they get a makeover. ;o)

Mens Coat

it's lovely. the interior and lamp etc are looking just awesome.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

What a gorgeous piece!! And you got it for free? Score! I know it had to have been a lot of work painting it, but well worth it! So pretty!

envy my cooking

Found your blog through links! Love your blog!
If you ever need new recipes or want to be featured..than please come become a follower to see daily updates and email us if you would like us to feature you!!!


Thanks Girls....I've been so busy over her painting and rearranging the girls is like a domino affect...I've added two more things to their rooms and so I have to move it all around...I'll show you the next two things I've painted soon..hey Cristina..when are we coming over to your house...

and guess what..we are starting to look for a house of our own!!


Oh, it's lovely and your things are so pretty!


Woohoo! You go girl. It looks great!

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