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October 02, 2010



Cutest house ever! I love your guts!!


I did it. I wrote them a cute little notecard...I have not heard back....we will see..

shelley e

You make me laugh Ellie- did you do it????


You have to post when they respond. :-)


Definitely ask! They can only say no.


I say GO FOR IT! what have you got to lose? but could be sooooo much to gain. Take a chance. It just happened to us.....someone wanting to rent my mother's home.....we had not even considered it....they are moving in next week!!!! You never know until you least they can have your name..............


Thanks Ladies..your absolutely right...I've written my letter and I'll pop it in their mailbox tomorrow...we will see what happens...


I would so approach the homeowners. All they can say is no. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It would be adorable once you get through with your ideas if you did purchase it.


If anyone could do it, you would definitely be that person. Good Luck!!


All they can say is no, not interested. Then you give them your name and number and say if you ever decide to sell please let me know. Why not????

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