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July 22, 2010



Yes..that print was from the late 90's but ebay can be surprising they have a lot of Longaberger.

Dianne Dawes

Thank you dear Ellie for the information, I will look at Longabergers website, though I doubt that table runner would still be available and I will keep checking eBay.
Have a lovely day!


Hi Diane...yes..this is an old post and that table runner I've had forever. It's from Longaberger, have you ever heard of them. They are a basket company out of Ohio and I used to sell them. You might be able to find it on ebay. Good Luck to you!

Dianne Dawes

Those plates certainly were a great find and a great price, I love the plain cream colour as opposed to busy floral patterns. I also love your tablecloth, such a lovely pattern, I have been searching for something like that without any success but I shall keep on looking. You have a wonderful blog Ellie and I love your house and all of the lovely touches you have added.
Kind regards,
Dianne xoxo


Love those plates, perfect for a summer dinner of shrimp tacos. I will give this a try on Thursday to use up the left over shrimp in the freezer. Thanks for the recipe. Headed over via Southern Hospitality, so glad I did.


Awesome deal. And thatnks for the taco recipe. I've been in a rut lately, so I will try that one out.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Lavender Hill Studio

Great plates!! That recipe sounds wonderful. Perfect for a summer evening. Thanks!


YES WAY!! I know I'm so glad I found them. See Beka..what you have turned me into? Debra..have you shared your Meakin pieces on your blog?


Great deal on the plates! I have a few Meakin pieces myself, mostly milk jugs though.


No way!! Those plates are awesome! I see a lot of Meakin, but usually the patterned ones. I love the plain cream, and I can't believe you got 4 of them. Great score!! And those tacos sound perfect! I have all those ingredients right in my fridge. Yum!

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