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July 16, 2010


Natalie Dalton

What a fun way to beautify your outdoor living space. I love that you made your garden functional but it is still so cute. I am totally in love with the shopping cart picture. Where did you find something like that?

terri aka pennyannpoundwise

About the Banksia rose...It blooms only once a year in the Spring...Did you already know that and I'm just wrong to point it out? Or were you thinking it was one that would rebloom all through the season? I'm always confused by roses and which do what but this one I do know.


I love all your plants and the various containers that you've planted in. I didn't link up on the garden tour, but perhaps you'd like to visit mine. I always forget to plan ahead.


Cristina..I would love to come see your garden..when are you having me over? that is too funny, his and her gardens..that's a new one.


Does your wall ever stain from the my iron wall urn (succulents), or from the dirt? I've been wanting to do a wall planter/urn, but I don't want the wall to stain. Granted I can just hose it down when it starts... I'm just that lazy though. lol

Your French Lavender is looking fantastic! Mine looks a bit scrawny. I so need you to come over and give me pointers on what to plant. :-)

We plant all willy-nilly. Whatever suits our fancy at the time we're in the gardening mood. lol I just replanted "my section" of the front yard area. lol Yep, we divided it up into his and hers. Too funny.


Thanks for all the wonderful compliments on the garden....

Becca...saw Zach with his towel and Buds walking down Malvern a minute to the pool?

shelley e

Your garden is so pretty....:)


Your plants are looking wonderful, Ellie!! Love that little shopping cart!!

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