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April 18, 2010


tammy scobee

Hi. Looking for the verdigris lantern on the white house featured in the coastal living outdoor space. I really want to purchase them for our beach house!! Can someone help me find them? THank you!!! Tammy

gabrielle have a great yard for it! I bet it looks fabulous over in Seamusland! Ok...i'll bring the Tequila...


I have wanted an outside fireplace for years. Last fall, Matt built a fire pit in our back yard and eventhough its not what I technically wanted, Im still pretty happy with it. It was super easy to make - about 300 dollars total to make. It took us about two hours to make. I cant wait for summer and huddling around the pit. I will definitely have a margarita in my hand when its time.

shelley e

great pictures- I need to have some outdoor living spaces like those....


Thanks Heather..I saw your space it looks great! Can you come help me with mine. I hope I have the energy in the next week to actually get something accomplished. I have a lot to do.

Heather K.

I have been dreaming of summer on almost a daily basis lately. These pictures just made my day. I want to sit on a white breezy porch with a margarita in hand. Have a great week :)

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