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March 29, 2010


baby carseat canopy

Ewwwwww, That gross. The house must be treated.

Giant Cupcake Pan

Oh my gosh, I laughed all the way through your post. :) Sorry about your goofed cake - been there, done that. As for the mouse - ewww.

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Beautiful post. How can we say that feminism has done its work until each of us can walk on the street alone without fear, annoyance, or embarassment?

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Photographers say, “If you can photograph food, you can photograph anything.

shelley e

Thanks for the laugh! :)


wow... you are a brave woman to admit having a rat on your wall, for the entire world to are a very secure woman. It was the laugh of my day, I even shared with my family!


What a weekend!

Heather Wilkerson

you are hilarious and an inspiration! I am SO LOVING this page and your style! Heather

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