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February 05, 2010



Similar thing happened to me with the laundry basket. I posted twice about it on my blog in January. It's not $40. and old but it looks the same. Try this link and you can have your own:
I just discovered your blog from seeing the blogs highlighted on Cottage Instinct's blog. I wish the best your health. Great blog!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

You're so right! A lot of those things certainly do look familiar, don't they? Kind of funny. I like the idea that bloggers might be leading the trends from now on! :-)


They are totally copying blogs. It's very strange isn't it?

I hope you're doing well after your surgery. I'm sorry I haven't been by lately, but please know I pray for you still.


susie harris

I agree! I think they are stalking "us"....hehe


I love all of the PB yummies too. I'm so sorry I've missed some of your posts. I feel like a bad friend and blogger. Your ALWAYS in my thoughts and let's go shopping! Much love and well wishes :) xo

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Thanks for the mention! Yes, this particular issue has quite a few things that I've seen on blogs. I actually painted a plate with chalkboard paint in the middle over three years ago. So it was a little surprising to see something similar in the catalog! Someone else had a post about how they think PB is now looking at blogs and taking ideas! Which I think is so funny since so many people like to take PB ideas and knock them off!


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