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December 29, 2009


Jennifer Corner

I'm searching for an idea to decorate my room for Christmas and I found this post. Even though the post is almost 2 years but it helps me a lot. I really love how you decorated your Christmas tree. The snowman seemed to be amazingly beautiful. Thanks for the great post. I hope you'll enjoy 2011 Christmas too.

Ginnie Renner

Ellie, I love the upholstery trim on the tree! I love having a Christmas morning at home. Forgive me, I feel terrible, with the craziness of the past month or so I haven't kept up reading and had to backtrack so I missed your post about your diagnosis. That must be so hard but you are a strong, fiesty woman and I know you'll kick it in the you-know-what :) Know that I'll be lifting you up in prayer for strength for you all and healing.
Many blessings,


Great shots, Ellie! Looks like a cozy Christmas morning. Thanks for sharing the day with us later! I love your tree and all your homemade crafts. The burlap wreath looks awesome! I think I have some of that trim around here somewhere, if it didn't go in one of my many garage sales.

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