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May 31, 2009



Really a great post.Reading is my passion and i like reading this type of stuff always.Nice sharing friend.


:- ) love your place...

I would suggest planting "Creeping Jenny" with your lovey climbing Gardenia. It will trail so pretty against your pretty white pot.

Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage...


Your plants are just so healthy and beautiful. I love the lavender hanging plant. I have also never seen a climbing gardenia. That is beautiful beside your bench. Thanks for your sweet comments about my chandelier.


Cute use of the old step stool as a planter. My Mom and Aunt's all had those in their homes and I have to say I threw my Mom's away when we closed up her home and now that I see your idea of putting plants on it I want to cry:) Now I will just have to look for one at a garage sale:)


I love your that "beachy" feel to it....I love the beach!!

I enjoyed your Porch Party!

leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville

OK, hands down, your porch is one of the most charming that I have seen! LOVE it! I too have a mop bucket...I am going to repot with YOUR flowers. LOVELY! I just love it all! Thanks for allowing me to visit!!


Thanks for coming by and saying hello. I love your blog and your home. We lived in California (central coast) until 2002 when my husband retired. I miss some things like being able to grow gardenias. Too cold and dry here in Utah. Your porches are wonderful. Love all the little touches. I'm going to have to be on the look out for mop buckets! Enjoy your little girls, they grow up so fast. I'll be back. Mimi

karen cox

You have created magic with every detail. I love all of your garden jewelry and the way that you staged your front porch. Your blog looks like a keeper.



While visiting you I discoved a most wonderful blog and when I read all you like I discover a lot of simular thing.I must come and visit more often.Your porch,in the colors you have could be my porch if I only had one!!Please visit me at my garden party.I will come and visit again.

Our Back Porch

I love your porch! What a sweet place to be and enjoy your beautiful flowers. Thanks for stopping by my porch. Come back to visit anytime!

Back Porch Blessings,

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