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April 02, 2009



I love this look ! I'm slowly trying to change out all of our beds for a relaxed cottage feel. I get so tired of folding blankets and putting pillows away. It would be so nice to just pull everything up......and it's as pretty as can be :) Love it!

shelley e

very pretty...I am with Beka- the unmatched but coordinated look and yes, Ellie you do it well.

I hardly ever make beds...the kids do a poor job of it...isn't that horrible?

I do not iron sheets...I used to spray my sheets, but I ran out of the spray- what do you use?


I love the unmatched, but coordinated look. You do it sooo well! I am lucky if the kids make the bed at all. This hardly looks "unmade".


Ok...where do you get this Lavendar spray? I have a detergent from Cost plus but not in spray form.

the pleasures of homemaking

Her bed is soooo pretty! I didn't read that post of Melissa's. But I always mix and match my linens and no I don't iron them but I do spray them with a lavender linen spray.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

First, I have to have SOFT sheets....high thread count. Usually that mean kind of wrinkled when they come out of the dryer. So, I iron the pillow cases, with a lavender spray. The top and bottom sheet go on wrinkled.

I have mix and match quilts and shams to finish it out. I have never been a matchy person either.

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