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March 09, 2009


Muthering Heights

Your cloches are just lovely!

Brenda Kula

Ah, how sweet these are! Especially love the little bird vignette one.


I am always amazed at the finds some bloggers have at Goodwill. Me, nothing. But you have some wonderful cloches there. Enjoyed seeing them! Have a great weekend.


All so pretty. I have a couple of the cheese domes also and want to do something with them.


What wonderful finds. This is just so much fun, I love the way you have them displayed and such lovely vignettes. The doorknobs are such a great idea. Thanks so much for joining the party, I really appreciate it and have so enjoyed seeing all the lovely creations. Hugs, Marty


Well, can't leave a comment on the shamrock-rock'in I'll just leave it here and then I'll go pick me one or two up :) Thanks for the bigger butt! Hope your St. Patrick's Day is full of FUN!


Thanks for sharing all your wonderful cloches. I too have been on a mission to find some but haven't had the luck that you have. I did a post yesterday on turning a large vase into my own version yesterday. I would love to hear what you think?!


Wow, what a wonderful post with wonderful photos. I am so jealous. I go to thrift stores all the time and find great things...but never a cloche! I wonder why! Love the colors you used, it all looks wonderful!


Ellie, I am so jealous!! I never see these at thrift shops, or if I do, they are way more than I want to spend. You have filled them so gorgeously! When I move, you have to come help me decorate, okay? Are you still coming to my town on Wednesday?


Found your blog and your cloches are simply so beautiful. You have such a good eye for detail.
Greetings from Florida, paula

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