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February 11, 2009



I know isn't it fun. I know they look cute out in the city too Penny. There is this house which has a double red metal chair, maybe it's a rocker and I keep wanting to go see if they want to sell just sitting in a sort of it doesn't have a purpose. I'm so tempted. Penny I haven't set your gift takes me forever to get to the PO. I don't know why...but I'll get it out next week for sure. Also I was looking at your projects and I love that picnic basket you did int he aqua you stil have it?

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

Love the claw foot tubs filled with plants! If I had an old farmhouse out in the country, I would do that. I think I might head out antiquing tomorrow!


What a fun, fun outing!!!!
Thanks for sharing!



I want on of those porch chairs sooo bad! They make me think of my Mema in Florida! Finding them is fairly difficult up her in Wa!

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