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February 09, 2009



Hi Ellie, first time to your blog and I love it! I definitely will be back...

Thanks, Christa

the pleasures of homemaking

Ellie, so sorry to hear about your husband. Hopefully, the Senate and House will stop their quibbling and get on with it. That should help the construction industry.

So funny you should title this post "Lost my way" I was just thinking that this morning. I haven't been as frugal as I should or need to be. I don't know what happened.

I love your little basket - it's so cute! I usually watch a movie while I clip coupons. Of course I have about 3 weeks of coupons to clip now since I haven't been doing it. About the grocery game. I think you can find the same info for free on the web. There are so many bloggers that list deals at stores for free.


shelley e

Ellie, so sorry to hear about your husband- I am clipping coupons too...any little thing can help.


Ellie, you do have the cutest coupon basket ever! I totally understand what you're going through, and I know you guys will pull through. I don't know if I'll watch Obama tonight either, but I'm sure I'll hear all the commentary about it tomorrow. It is definitely doom and gloom everywhere, and everyone I know has been effected by the economic downturn. Right about now, if someone says they haven't been, I'm not sure they're telling the truth!

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