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January 11, 2009



Well...I put it on the side of the road...out by the trash...I had to get rid of some stuff so I could have a place to work on my last project. If I had room for it I would of kept really didn't serve my purpose. Yes..I love glass knobs or ceramic. They are so sparkly or shiny. I forgot I was bidding on some petite vintage glass knobs this week and realized it and the bid hoo.

I'm on the lookout for lamps now.


I love the glass knobs! I really want to start changing these out in my home. I'm such an organizing nut lately, I would put all your pretty crafties inside. You have so many nice things and in books and organized! I really want to do this......but for now I have a game closet that needs my assistance....or maybe it's a towel closet.....good lord it's an everything closet that really is a game closet. Post pics when you're finished :) Can't wait to see it!

shelley e

it looks good though...what did you do with it???

I have one project....(other than all the decluttering I am doing)

I have two chairs from my old dining room set that I still have that I want to recover...don't know the first thing about doing it though....


Ellie- what a bummer. What are you going to do with it now? I am sure you can find somewhere to put it, it's so cute! Just a lesson for next time. What do they say? Measure twice, do it once.

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