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December 29, 2008



Oh, I haven't seen it in ages but have thinking about it. I guess I will have to check it out from the library. If you are asking about the skate stocking on my blog, it came from Garnet Hill. As for Anthropologie, my hubby was sweet enough to pick up new gloves and a scarf, as well as a gift card! Thanks for stopping by to see me!


I know it's so hard to choose one part..Cristina..i love their look on their faces..."ahhh Mother we have sinned".....and I love that part too with they sing that at the party....esp. when Liesel comes down to pick up her sister...ahhhh what a perfect movie....tonight I watched another favorite.....Silence of the Lambs....i know i'm an oxymoran. I mean who likes Enimenen and George Winston at the same time...

Michelle K

I love the Sound of Music too. I have always enjoyed the "So long...Farewell" that the children sing at the party.


Hmmmm... My favorite Sound of Music part? I love it all. It's in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. I love the look of the nun when she shows what car part she removed from the car. I also love the scene where all the kids are introducing themselves. :)


That puppet totally looks like your ornament!! I love the Sound of Music too. What a great post!


I love that movie too! I love all the old movies...Pollyanna, Old Yeller, all of them! However, Sound of Music was inspiration for naming my blog! Love it!

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