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August 04, 2008


shelley e

I really like the houses too- I love small towns, but I am with Cristina- I think I have been a city girl for far too long... :)


Hi Ellie, I was touched by the note you left on my blog. So many of us have such similar stories about our parents suffering from dementia & Alzheimer's. I'm so glad you found my blog & told me part of your story. Please come back & visit often....occasionally I comment about my own struggles with being a I can relate. Keep reaching out to others & you'll find many kindred spirits.

Now about the cottages, they are lovely! I wish I had a wonderful porch with a swing, I'd sip ice tea & just relax!
I enjoyed your blog & will be adding it to my blog roll. Thanks for visiting & commenting, Hugs, DebraK


Ellie, I agree! I just love porches! What a cute town that is! I don't know if I could live there, but I love the look of it. I just don't do Southern humidity well!


I take it you love the B&B because of the porch?

I love looking at these small quaint towns, but I'm much more of a city girl. I love the look and feel of these places, as well as the decorations. When I see alot of "stuff" my mind goes to "ugh, cleaning must be hard with so much stuff". Yes, I am lazy. Yes, I hate cleaning, so I try to have much less stuff to move around and dust. Then there's the other side of me that loves knick knacks. It's a battle. lol

I'll go and visit you when you move. :)


Hi, Ellie, thanks for leaving me a note! So glad you are going to join the yardsale party on Thursday & that I've inspired you with yardsaling.

Love this little town you are showing, I love quaint towns & long for the good old days when things were not as fast-paced & when we were all more innocent. I'm afraid those days are gone, but I do appreciate the smaller cottages in these older towns too.


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