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February 29, 2008


Nuri Rossignol

I can't help but admire some of your choices here. The styles of roofing is such an eye-opener - it seems like it would be wonderful to try them out on my house, too! The orange one in picture 11 is beautiful. It reminds me of the Mediterranean.

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

Love those cute houses! Gorgeous! And thanks so much for visiting my blog!
~Angela :-)


::sigh:: Talk about eye candy. LOL.

melissa @ the inspired room

Ah, great tour! Glad it was the non-violent shootings, you had me a tad concerned!

Happy day, thanks for sharing these beauties!



Manuela...I thought that would get everyone's attention..Ha!!! I bad I don't live in any of them. I went to like a million open houses this favorite was for sale for a mere 1.5 million..just pocket change..

the feathered nest

LOL! You had me - at first I thought it was going to be about something bad that happened in LA. I love driving by houses - you have some really nice one's in your neighborhood.



I know weren't they lovely? I would love to go on a home tour..have yet to do that. Pam..I have taken pictures of your two..I didn't have enough time..but I plan to got back but you should post have some great too..Shelly...also in many. I always wonder if I asked to see the inside..well I did someone at school..she told me it wasn't done yet...


I love to look inside houses when all the lights are on. These are beautiful. I will have to take some of the great homes around me. How fun!


Great taste! Love them all! The old property sign is a scream! Love that too--- I love driving by homes, especially at night and hoping they have their curtains open so I can take a peek! LOL My husband gets mad because I make him drive veeerrry slowwww----

shelley e

too funny Ellie- I love all your pictures! :)

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