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November 14, 2007


Esther Sunday

Well hello Ellie! Greetings from Esther Sunday! I saw your comments over at Hoganfe and wanted to come over and introduce myself. You have a lovely "home" over here - before long you will have lots of people checking in! I am going to add ya to my links so I can check back in with you! I hope you get all the things on your list - including the puppy! My hubbers recently hit 20 years with his company and got to pick from a list of things, none of which he liked, so he passed the list to me. I choose a camera that is 7.1 mexapixels and takes close ups to 2 inches! Can't wait! I am like you with pictures! I am hoping a better camera will inspire me! By the way, I just adore that red and white apron! Makes me wanna cook more. NOT. Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Esther


Great list! I have it on good authority that my mom has bought me that apron. I'm too excited to get it. I love that you want the american girl doll. I'm actually really wanting a stuffed sock monkey. I just bought one for my little girl and now I want one for me. I think we should never totally grow up.

melissa @ the inspired room

Good girls always get what they want. Or they should anyways.

the feathered nest

Well since you've been soooo good I don't see how Santa can refuse! Especially the camera request. I love that apron! It's right up my alley. Where's it from?



Love that apron. The red embroidery looks fantastic on the white. Kind of vintage looking. Great picture.

shelley esterholt

I think you deserve any single thing on your list! :)

hoganfe handmade handbag originals

Oh I want that camera tooooo!

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