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October 27, 2007



Wow! And the dry cake mix actually gets baked and isn't all chalky? Why am I havinga hard time wrapping my head around it?! lol

As far as a close by comic book store:
Comic Cult
12329 Imperial Hwy
Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 868-2772


12907 East Philadlphia
Whittier, CA 90601
Phone: (562) 696-9300

I've been in Comic Cult, it's mainly comic books, so you may find it there. I've never been in Geeks, just walked past it, it looks like it has a variety of comic books and toys. Good luck!


Thanks Manuela..yes both your questions...the whole box...

Hey Where can I get a Betty Boop comic book? I'm sure you know of a nearby comic store...thanks for visiting my blog...


Hey Ellie! The recipe sounds sooo yummy... And I'm not a pumpkin fan. I'm gonna try it out this weekend. :)

Questions regarding some of the steps:
"4. Sprinkle with cake mix over pumpkin mixture"
Sprinkle the entire box of dry cake mix?
"6. Span melted butter over nuts"
Just pour the melted butter over the dry cake and nuts mixture?

Thanks a bunch!

The feathered nest

That sounds yummy! We love pumpkin everything, so I'm always collecting pumpkin recipes. Thanks I'm printing this one out to try later on!


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