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October 15, 2007



Ellie does ur husband know u have that picture..still!!! haha

The feathered nest

You were definitely cute! Your daughter made a beautiful Snow White!

My daughter is in her teens now and thankfully very modest in her atire. I'm usually the one that tries to get her into more trendy (not trashy) clothes but she could care less. So that's something we really don't fight about. I'm sure there will be other things (like boys)!


shelley esterholt

great pictures Ellie- yes you were very cute...:)
My daughter and I struggle with the very same issues, but all of a sudden she wants my opinion on what to wear and if it matches. I think one of the girls at school made fun of one of selections & now she thinks she doesn't know what matches! I can tell the teen years will be long....

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