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February 10, 2010


shelley e

great pictures & ideas...

We never do anything for Valentine's day- how sad, Huh?

This year I will be in the desert riding motorcycles, maybe I will try to make something nice for dinner, but I have my doubts... :)


Sandy...I think Manuela did...I'll go change it....I think she said it is all the white type I have on the in the links which I thought I changed.

Sandy Blaxland

PS - I don't know if anyone else has ever mentioned it being hard to read the little white type at the end of your posts (you know, the categories and where we click to leave comments); maybe it's just me and my aging eyes.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sandy Blaxland

I always do a special Valentine's breakfast for my kids. I use a red tablecloth, my special plates & little red glasses for the juice. Each plate will have a little gift (socks & hershey kisses this year). And I'll make heart shaped scones with strawberries and cream. As well, on Saturday, I'll bake some special cookies and a Valentine's dessert for Sunday supper.

Even when my kiddies are gone, I'll continue for me. It's a nice day for love of all kinds, even self-love!


Everything looks yummy! I really love your tablecloths.

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